Spa Shield - The New Normal!

SPA SHIELD creates a safe space between the customer and the operator, allowing the latter to perform facial treatments in comfort and tranquility.

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    This Is What We Need!

    If we wanted to be ready to start offering facial treatments, this is a must have item. The facial shields are not fully protecting the therapist and the client.

    Christian Pierce

    Spa Shield - The New Normal!​

    LEMI is proud to present SPA SHIELD, the new essential tool for Spa cabins, specifically designed to guarantee the necessary protection for both operators and customers during any type of facial treatment. 

    Thermoformed plexiglass protection

    As the world attempts to return to a kind of normal in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, plexiglass has become essential. Governments around the world are making the usage of screens and protections with plexiglass in restaurants, spas and hospitals mandatory.

    Total protection for the customer, maximum comfort for the operator

    Its thermoformed plexiglass structure works as a real barrier against potential contamination and has been designed to leave the operator at ease during treatment, ensuring a safe and comfortable space for the customer.

    Easy to use, clean and sanitize

    Height can be adjusted by a practical handy knob, while the solid structure of the painted metal base is equipped with rubber wheels with brake that facilitate its movement, ensuring maximum silence so as to give the customer the peace he needs during treatment. The simple but functional design of SPA SHIELD has been designed to be easily adapted to any spa table.

    Why choose the Spa Screen from Lemi?

    Now more than ever we have in mind how much a constantly sanitized and disinfected Spa environment is fundamental for the health and safety of both those who work there and guests who want to enjoy the Spa experience. The latter need to be in a a place that conveys a sense of security and protection to them, that’s why it is important to keep spaces and rooms visibly clean, ventilated and bright, since not only will they be more appreciated aesthetically but they will contribute to making guests’ stay in the Spa an experience of total relax.

    For this reason, LEMI wanted to make SPA SHIELD available to support the work of the therapists, giving them the opportunity to create a safe space that allows them to perform freely, while making the client feel comfortable during the treatment within the cabin.

    Lemi Warranty

    Lemi is proud to offer a high-level Warranty Service in accordance with the present Service Description. This service provides for technical support options, spare parts and related manpower services, to solve qualified incidents.

    We offer up to 10 years’ warranty, one of the longest on the market. Damages incidence on Lemi products is less than 1%! This is the assurance of a durable product.

    The health & wellness industry is rapidly changing. Business owners and entrepreneurs need to focus now more than ever on growing their businesses and capturing sales. It's our job, the job from the supplier, to make sure we support you at best and take part of your organisational issues away. By working with industry leading brands like Lemi, we are able to offer you the best support, the highest warranties available and top notch products to grow your business together.

    Leading Brands Trust Welify

    In a very fragmented industry it’s difficult for manufacturers and brand owners to find distributors on the ground that can live up to the standards they envision for their brand and for their precious clients that use their products and treatments. That’s why they come to us!

    Lemi Spa

    LEMI has been manufacturing treatment tables, chairs and multi-function cabins for the Beauty & Spa sector since 1989.

    LPG Systems

    World leader in cellular stimulation with its technologies for health, beauty and well-being, LPG® now shines in 110 countries throughout the world.

    Comfort Zone

    Comfort Zone produces and distributes professional products for spas and wellness centers dedicated to face and body care.

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