Detoxifying the Urban Lifestyle, A True Wellness Move


The Mission

Our mission at Welify is to “Redefine Wellness”. Changing the mindset of an industry only happens by working with the best that on their turn are true Wellness Leaders. And you are not going to become a true Wellness Leader without a significant focus on consumer’s wellbeing, overall health and longevity. What follows in this article is a case study from a unique concept called “Urban Detox” that incorporated the LPG lymphatic drainage programs to their very ownFight For Natural Beauty“.

Wellness Clients Include: Niche Natural Healthcare, Urban Detox Cafe

What we really love about this project: Niche Natural Healthcare is the first naturopathic healthcare centre in Asia. Under the guidance of Dr. Nichamon Samantarat, Niche Natural Health Clinic is initiating a brand-new way to tackle all the negative influences the urban lifestyle has on our health.

How LPG is helping to spread the love: The Urban Detox program exist out of 4 treatment programs where LPG is taking care of the lymphatic drainage. LPG is the only device in the world that offers lymphatic drainage treatments and at Niche Natural Health Clinic they know exactly how to use it!

The Story

Niche Natural Health Clinic has adopted LPG endermologie® and made it part of their unique Urban Detox program. This program is developed by Dr. Nichamon Samantarat and Dr. Somboon Roongphornchai, designed as the first all-natural solution countering our toxic hectic lifestyles here in Bangkok. Together with Niche Natural Health Clinic we are launching several initiatives promoting the Urban Detox program and sending out Dr. Nicha’s catchy message that “you’re not fat, you’re toxic”. The Urban Detox program is the perfect, all-natural solution to the clean and healthy lifestyle all patients and consumers deserve.

Invented by Dr. Nichamon Samantarat herself, the first US-trained & licensed naturopathic doctor in Thailand and Dr. Somboon Roongphornchai, the leading anti-aging & sports medicine physician, the program focuses on 4 essential areas of the body which are our cellular, lymphatic, internal (metabolic) and gut systems. LPG endermologie® is put to work as the key player to take care of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps eliminate our body’s waste. A healthy, active lymphatic system uses the natural movements of smooth muscle tissue to do this. There is no device in the world that can achieve this goal beyond manual massage which has it’s limitations.

We use LPG Endermologie® because it is all natural, nonaggressive and noninvasive, which is completely cooperative with the naturopathic way of detoxifying your body.

– Dr. Nichamon Samantarat –

Questions about the Urban Detox program?

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In Conclusion

Being part of the Urban Detox project is definitely one of our favorite LPG projects in Thailand. Long term wellness and health can only be achieved by changing people’s lifestyle, making them realise that we need to make time in our lives for our bodies to recover from our hectic toxic lifestyle. With the “Fight For Natural Beauty” by LPG and the “You’re not fat, you’re toxic” slogan from Urban Detox we probably have the best solution available to date.

What we did so far: The Urban Detox is a beautiful program all by itself. So together with Niche Natural Healthcare, we supported by putting the story into a video, showing how the Urban Detox program is a smart and effective way to clean your body. Check out the video here.


With LPG® ENDERMOLOGIE, your clients will enjoy the satisfying result every time.


On 17th June, an exclusive launch event was held at Niche Natural Healthcare Complex where our LPG experts joined to demonstrate LPG endermologie® and to share the knowledge behind it. Check how that turned out.

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These are just a couple of first steps of a long and exciting journey where LPG will be a true supporter of the Urban Detox program. Stay tuned!

If you think you’re not fat, but toxic as well, visit Niche Natural Health Clinic at following details.

Floor 9, 12A-14 MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Sukhumvit 5, Bangkok, Thailand

Or book direct at the Urban Detox Cafe & Wellness website.