LPG® as the Choice for Wellness Success: An Exclusive Interview with Welify’s Director of Sales Sarah G. Hase


Despite the ever-growing size of the wellness industry, it is still the dawn of the wellness boom and we are all heading towards the same goal: to profit from it. But what are the true values that the consumers are searching for and that we are actually equipped to offer? 

Sarah G. Hase, the Co-Founder and Director of Sales of Welify shares her story and commitment to the future of the wellness industry.

What is wellness?

The wellness is everything that has to do with wellbeing, benefiting people’s health. And these days, it’s very important because there are a lot of diseases, a lot of external factors that impact our health. So, it’s always better to prevent it than to wait until the problem arrives.
So, that is what wellness means to me. It’s really a prevention of diseases, it’s making yourself stronger, it’s making yourself healthier so that at the later stage the problem doesn’t occur.

LPG & Wellness

Well, how LPG fits in that is very simple. What we’re doing with LPG, we work a lot on increasing the blood circulation and improving the lymphatic system.
Now, everyone knows when you can make an improvement on your lymphatic system, you get older toxins out of your system; your immune system goes up just like this. So, you will be stronger, you’ll have more energy, your body will be a lot more active in healing itself. So in that way, LPG absolutely fits perfectly in that concept.

LPG Mission

Our mission stays the same – we keep on fighting for natural beauty. As you know in Thailand, there’s a lot available for beauty and wellness, some of it quite aggressive. And especially in this market, people want to have instant results. They want to see things immediately happening, sometimes at the cost of your health, at the cost of your skin or whatever.
So, with LPG, we really want to push that forward – to make people understand that there’s a lot of other options that don’t cause damage, options that don’t cause injury or anything like that and can improve your health, and at the same time you become more beautiful.
So, that is really the mission that we pursue with LPG – to make people aware that they have other options as well.

Questions about LPG?

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Why LPG?

The reason that I see from consumers that they start using LPG is mostly because the moment they understand what LPG can bring to the table for them and they experience that it is without pain and it’s very pleasant, relaxing, that’s where they start using it and continue using it because most of the time when a client start, they will step into the routine, and they will continue and continue. That’s what I see in the past so far.

Investing in LPG

It’s not only the part where you’re improving people’s health, you give them an option to be more beautiful in a natural way – that’s a really lovely aspect – but the second thing is also the money of course.
What I’ve seen in the past with my clients is really amazing. Some of them made the machine back after one and a half months. We were doing sales, for example, with one of my accounts 1.8 million THB in sales in 1 month with 3 machines, which is amazing. I have another account in the hotel business, they were doing 2 million THB in sales in the first year, which was very impressive.
So that is a very interesting part except the fact that we really do something good for the humanity, but the money that can be made with it is quite impressive.

LPG Success 

My biggest LPG success story without a doubt is one of my clients, a health center. They wanted to prove that LPG really worked. So, at one point of time she said I have a patient, can I send the patient to you? And you can show me what LPG can bring to them. So, I said ok, let her come.

And this was an old lady who had an accident. She fell down and had injury on her lips. It was like a very big scar tissue she still had after one and a half month. She had swelling on her face. So, she did some other treatments before like laser, which didn’t really improve the situation.

So, she came to me and I’ve done some facial edema treatment, 3 sessions – I believe it was. And all the swelling was gone. And then I started to work on the scar tissue, which after 8 sessions the client was blown away with the result because she didn’t expect the fact that I could give her the feeling back in her lips. She thought I’m never going to have the feeling; the numbness is going to stay. After the 8 sessions, the client was so impressed. That was, I think, the most touching and successful story so far.

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