LPG® the Trusted Investment Choice: An Exclusive Interview with Monticha Kerdrit Conrad & Waldorf Astoria Maldives Spa Manager


During the past 10 years at least, the wellness industry has become one of the fastest growing both in size and in revenue. Investment choice is therefore one of the factors that facilitates this immense growth. Technology has also become the key to success in spa and hotel business.

Today we had the chance to sit down with Conrad & Waldorf Astoria Maldives spa manager, Monticha Kerdrit. Find out why LPG is the trusted choice of investment.

What is wellness?

At Waldorf, we focus on 3 areas of wellness: anti-ageing, exercise and nutrition. Those are the three pillars of wellbeing in our point of view.

Waldorf & LPG

I think LPG fits very well with our wellness idea because people come to our spa expecting to see visible results. With LPG, we are able to deliver them exactly that in both health and beauty.

LPG First Experience

For me, it was somewhat unforeseen but I also think that it is very compatible with people’s lifestyle nowadays. People these days, they expect changes, fast result. The first time I tried LPG, I thought, “wow, this is amazing! Why do I get the result so fast?” And it is also what our clients are looking for. 

Working in the spa industry for many years, I have learnt that what’s new will always catch people’s attention. They are always looking for new things and they will always want to try it.

People come to our spa expecting to see visible results. With LPG, we are able to deliver them exactly that in both health and beauty.

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Waldorf’s Wellness Offer

I think it’s our Wellbeing Concierge Service. At our spa, we have Wellbeing Concierge to provide our clients with the spa information, which as I mentioned, it is not just about massages for relaxation purpose. We also integrate new technology to be able to serve the holistic wellbeing purpose.

Investing with LPG

If you aim to serve your clients with an interesting variety of service and to provide them with options to create their wellbeing, LPG is absolutely one good choice for your spa business. Your clients can always get the same quality of service anywhere in the world. In the investment point of view, the record has proven the breakeven is not very far off and the profitability can last; the after-sales support is also worldwide.

Waldorf’s Wellness Aims

We are always on a mission to provide good things for our clients, not only with premium skincare products and services but also in terms of innovations. We intend to be the best at giving our clients what they need.


With LPG® ENDERMOLOGIE, your clients will enjoy the satisfying result every time.


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