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LPG® Centers in Thailand and Maldives made over 10 Million USD in revenue last year!

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LPG endermologie®

Made in France, this technology gently stimulates the skin to reactivate dormant cellular activity. 100% Natural and painless, it provides visible results instantly with 0 side effects. 300,000 people choose this technology every day.


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Training & Education

We can help you unlock the full potential of your staff, the LPG technology, and organization through innovative, meaningful, and evidence-based education programs.

POS & Decoration

Point-of-Sale displays and attractive decoration not only encourage consumers to buy items out of impulse, but also give you an edge over your competition.

Event & Workshops

We support all activities by our partners, on behalf of our partners. Whether organise a Conference, Exhibition, Workshop or VIP event, we will be there with you!

Video & Creatives

Videos and ad creatives are crucial to build powerful ads and campaigns online. Our in-house creative team can support you to help power your ad campaigns to the next level.

After Sales & Warranty

We take great pride in the level of service we offer our clients after they have purchased one of our equipment. We support this with warranty's up to 36 months!

Orders & Inventory

Our clients get exclusive 24/7 access to all our brands and products making the buying process, smooth, smart and simple.

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Attract New Customers With A Sound Investment

Endermologie® is the exclusive principle of action of LPG® patented technologies: stimulate the skin surface to reactivate dormant cell activity. Bet on a technique whose innocuousness and efficiency have been proven by more than 145 scientific studies.

Customer Loyalty

Increase customer loyalty with visible results as of the 1st session!


High-performance technology for customized treatment solutions.


Maximize treatment room occupancy with short and efficient treatments.


Instantly add more than 160 unique treatments to your spa or wellness menu!

We Sell To Cities in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia & Maldives

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