Huber Evolution launched at WSWA 2019 – a game-changing wellness technology!


A game-changing wellness technology!

Huber Evolution launched at WSWA2019– promising gentle, natural and effective solutions for better health at every stage of life! For the second straight year, LPG took the lead role as Platinum Sponsor at the World Spa and Wellness Asia Convention (WSWA). Held in Phuket, Thailand, WSWA hosted over 300 VIP guests from Asia-Pacific. And like last year when LPG announced the launch of the Alliance Cellu M6, there was more big news at this year’s edition. With the unveiling of the Huber Evolution FIIT, LPG has introduced a game-changing technology that will redefine how we deal with physical and mental health.

Disrupt Traditional Fitness and Training Methods

The event kick-off and launch party was held at a private beachside cove on the Andaman Sea at the spectacular Le Meridien Phuket. Over 300 revelers, all dressed in white, witnessed the unveiling of the Huber Evolution FIIT for the first time in Asia. This state of the art technology has been designed to disrupt traditional fitness and training methods. And just like the Alliance Cellu M6, the Huber range addresses medical, wellness and fitness segments through a wide range of treatment offerings.

Our Vision

The LPG story began three decades ago, with its founder and visionary Louis-Paul Guitay, who saw wellness and beauty as a journey only achieved through natural internal processes.  Through unbridled ambition, an innovative and evolving product line – which has remained true to founder’s vision, as well as a partner-network now spanning 110 countries, LPG leads the world in natural beauty solutions.

“For many years, Welify has been battling the quick-fix mentality that permeates the healthcare sector in Asia.  The reality is that most prevalent treatments only offer short-term and surface level solutions,” said Maes.  “What’s truly important is working on the inner-self, identifying the body’s weaknesses and addressing them on a daily basis. If our clients can improve fitness and core muscles each day through small increments, they are well on the way to discover a healthy and fit body. And that’s exactly what the Huber Evolution delivers,” he added.

LPG’s presence in Thailand has experienced significant growth in the last three years. The driving force behind that growth is Thailand’s exclusive LPG distributor, Welify. “Redefining Wellness”, Welify’s moto, is perfectly aligned with the LPG vision. The company’s Managing Director, Kevin Maes, is committed to growing LPG through the introduction of the Huber Evolution in Southeast Asia’s largest wellness market

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Currently more than 300,000 people worldwide benefit from LPG’s patented technologies. To experience an array of LPG treatments please visit the Welify service center. If your hospital, clinic, spa or wellness centre is interested in featuring LPG please register here to attend Welify’s exclusive VVIP event at the St. Regis Hotel Bangkok on 27 June 2019.




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Kevin Maes

Wellness entrepreneur and writer based in Bangkok. Specialised in transforming global brands into local leading market players. Passionate soccer fan! #RAFC