From PARIS with Love

by LPG

You only become the best if you can learn from the best. The LPG Expert tour brings you to where it all began for LPG, France. During this 4-day tour, we not only show you beautiful Paris, but you will also be trained by the TRUE LPG experts.

Feel the knowledge. Take the tour.  

See Paris.


What we have planned for you...

  • Free flight from Bangkok to Paris.
  • 4 Day and 3 night stay at a beautiful local hotel hosted by LPG.
  • Exclusive in-depth presentation & training with the LPG experts.
  • Local tours and visits to the best performing LPG centers in France.
  • Lovely dinners and French cabaret extravagance at Le Paradis Latino.
  • A moment for yourself to shop till you drop at the most luxury high-end French brands. 


DAY 1               Arrival & hotel dinner

DAY 2               LPG Corporate Presentation
                           Expert Training Day 1
                           Le Paradis Latin Cabaret Show

DAY 3               Expert Training Day 2
                           Visits at LPG equipped centers
                           Dinner on the Seine with LPG

DAY 4               Shopping & free tour morning
                           Transfer to the airport

Become a TRUE LPG expert today!


How can you join?

All new LPG centers that sign up before the end of the year will be able to join the LPG Expert training in France.




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Hear what the experts have to say about 

the LPG technology...


Leesaw - Theratep Winothai


Chonburi F.C. Thailand


Watcharin Kongcharoen

Wellnes Consultant Lecturer

Chiva-Som International Academy


Sarah G. Hase

Director of Sales & Education




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