Throughout our partners we are able to offer your business industry leading financing tools to help you implement our newest technology without big up-front investments.

Kevin Maes 

 Co-Founder / Managing Director 


Cashflow is what keeps 99% of the business owners occupied and concerned. Without sufficient cash to operate, even the most successful businesses can fail! 

Leasing To Own

The LPG leasing service offers well established salons, spas, clinics, hospitals and retail centers the opportunity to introduce LPG and the endermologie treatments with a gradual approach.

The leasing programs cover 12, 24 and 36 months against very attractive leasing rates. Once the lease is completed you will own the machine. 

The ideal formula if you want to expand throughout several branches or treatment rooms!

10 Million THB Financed in 2016
23 Million THB Financed in 2017
35 Million THB Financed in 2018

Equipment Rental

The LPG rental service is designed for short- and long term requirements from salons, spas and clinics that would like to start offering the endermologie treatments.

Short term requirement - there is no need for large up front payments so you can work towards being cashflow positive from the very first month.

Long term requirement - you can generate sufficient revenue to keep building your business towards becoming a sustainable market leader.

Thai Orix - Welify Leasing Partner

Thai ORIX Leasing Co., Ltd. (TOLC) was established in 1978 in order to service equipment financial lease and started auto leasing Business in 2001.

TOLC has been a pioneer of the leasing industry in Thailand since its foundation and has played a prominent role in the evolution of the leasing industry and penetration of the leasing product in the financial market. 

Keep following the growth of wellness!