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In 2003, LPG® launched the HUBER® product range. Originally, this purely therapeutic device not only supported physiotherapists in the treatment of back, balance and posture problems, but also trained athletes, helping them in their post-trauma rehabilitation. Today LPG® launches HUBER 360® FIIT.

Fully connected, it is conceived to get closer to the needs of women and men seeking to take care of themselves despite their hectic lifestyle. Directly inspired from HIIT, HUBER 360® FIIT is a state- of-the-art technology enabling to (re)shape the figure in a harmonious, risk-free and totally comprehensive way.

Thanks to its patented motorised platform, joint and muscular engagement is both intense and precise. Force sensors in the platform and handles enable to evaluate one’s cardio, force and coordination, core and physical condition at the beginning of a programme. At the end of each session they provide insightful quantitative results.

The dynamic posture corrector ensures the body is positioned correctly and the focus area targeted properly.

10-minute HIIT exercises are made accessible to anyone, without sacrificing safety to efficiency.

How Leesaw "Teeratep Winothai" felt after trying the HUBER 360® FIIT?

Leesaw is a Thai footballer playing as a Forward for a Thai League T1 club Chonburi, on loan from Bangkok United. He previously spent his youth career with England's Crystal Palace and Everton.

Well first of all, I felt very exhausted! It’s a very cool workout device. Sometimes we only think of exercise as running on a treadmill or cycling, which takes a lot of time to burn fat. With this device, it only takes minutes and you start burning fat immediately.

In the professional sport, when most athletes train, we focus almost entirely on the big muscles. That is where the majority of the training is. So it means that the smaller muscles might not be exercised enough for when you need it during the games.

With HUBER 360®, it helps train all these small muscles and improves their strength. Especially in Football, for example, you jump up for a tackle and come back down. If you want to immediately take another jump for the next play, with good balance, you can beat your opponent in milliseconds and you have better chance to win.

So, I think this device is definitely necessary for professional training. Professional clubs or sport associates should all have it to train and improve the performance of your athletes.

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Standing on the device, the challenge is to maintain the posture indicated while absorbing the platform’s movements. But the challenge does not end there. One must reach the on-screen targets to succeed. Halfway between a video game and a high-tech sport training,the entire body is put to the test, the sensations are strong and getting out of one’s comfort zone becomes routine.

Maximum Force is a theoretical indicator of one’s health. It is specific to each individual and measuring it enables to push one’s boundaries whilst being in the correct energy path.

The plus? The customised exercises that stimulate twice as much! Thanks to the dynamic touchscreen, senses are stimulated and the brain – the major energy consumer – uses a maximum of glucose.




Seven out of ten women and one in two men would like to lose weight*. What is their No. 1 reason? “To feel better”, according to 49.6% of survey responses. To achieve this goal, people often go on strict diets combined with high-intensity cardio training… They create the illusion of immediate results, without taking health and wellness into account.

The 2011 ESP Consulting study aimed to prove that reaching maximal lipid oxidation (Lipoxmax) state could be achieved in just 3 minutes on HUBER. The goal of the 2019 ESP Consulting study was to go further and to make the comparison with the most common cardio machine: the stationary bicycle (aka RPM)! Today, we know that to resculpt our figure intense physical effort – that greatly increases our heart rate – is necessary.

At LPG® it was impossible to go on seeing people putting their health at risk in their pursuit of well-being or encourage the illusion that they were doing the right thing.


HUBER 360® FIIT technology can now prove that you don’t need to raise your heart rate or suffer physical pain to practice HIIT. The winning combination of Lipoxmax intensity and Maximum Force on HUBER 360® FIIT means that your body continues consuming 35% more fat after 30 minutes of rest after exercise and burns 13% more calories as of 5 minutes when compared with a stationary bicycle!


“High-Intensity Interval Training”, or HIIT, has become the slimming programme reference. It has a huge range of benefits for the body: it saves time, tones the figure, boosts the metabolism and improves cardiovascular health.

As well as being popular among celebrities, personal trainers are emphasising the benefits of fragmented activity in sculpting the figure and staying in shape, while burning as many calories as possible.

Why is it so popular? Because the exercise is so effective, and burns so many calories.

Right, but HIIT needs specific supervision and there is no pre- established programme that suits everyone. People are now searching the internet, doing their own exercises, watching YouTube channels, and going in for the Top Body Challenge or the Bikini Body Guide.



HUBER 360® FIIT makes healthy sport available to everyone, and brings HIIT to people of all fitness levels through adapted, supervised, measured and FAST exercise programmes.

Julie Dumoulin, Yoga teacher and creator of the HappynGood app is the new face of the HUBER 360® FIIT campaign.

What I liked about using HUBER® is how gentle the exercises were, despite being incredibly effective. I felt my whole body moving, even after I got off the moving platform. You really feel like you’ve been working your core muscles. I got on board with the concept immediately, and I loved this experience! There’s also a “Stretching” programme, which I find essential after a HIIT session.

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An Exclusive Interview: How LPG endermologie® Took On The World Cup 2018



Exclusive interview with Franck Le Gall, French national football team doctor, Christophe Geoffroy and Denis Morcel, licensed team masseurs and physiotherapists: how did they get here, how do they use Cellu M6 Alliance® stories from the World Cup, player recovery and physical therapy, and more. LPG® is proud to bring you this exclusive interview.

Franck Le Gall, you are THE doctor for France’s national football team and you led the medicalteam in Russia. Can you tell us a little bit about your history, how you got where you are, and what it was like to live this adventure from within?

After a residency in Rennes with Pierre Rochcongar (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) from 1990 to 1993, I joined the Technical Center in Clairefontaine (France’s national football center) in 1993. There, I oversaw the physical therapy center, the National Football Institute, coordinated the national recruitment process of U15 players for the French B-team, and I was also the doctor for Junior and Hopeful recruits. In 2008, I left for Lille to work with Rudi Garcia as doctor for the LOSC (Lille football club) professional team, then came to work with OM (Marseille football club) a year and a half ago.I’ve worked with Didier Deschamps and Guy Stephan for the French national team since 2012.

With four sports medicine specialist physiotherapists (Christophe Geoffroy, Denis Morcel, Alexandre Germain, and Guillaume Vassout) and an osteopath (Jean-Yves Vandewalle), howmuch time out of the players’ busy schedule was given to preparation and recovery while the team was in Istra?

We provided phyical therapy treatments throughout the day. Pathology-focused treatments and lots of recovery treatment, massages, LPG® treatments, pressotherapy, balneotherapy, etc. At noon and again in the evening, physiotherapists would go around and work out when which players would come in for any of the four or five 1 to 2-hour time-slots available. I must say, many players are fans of massage and recovery technique.


Were there any players who got particularly worn out or even injured during a match who used Cellu M6 Alliance® as part of their recovery/physical therapy?

We made frequent use of the LPG® device. Some people got full treatments from Denis Morcel, while others received traumatology or recovery treatments. There was also Olivier Giroud, who I put six stitches in for a head wound. Denis took charge of his care and used the machine to soften and drain his scar. Of course, we also used the device on hematoma and for general recovery massages, especially when players’ legs felt heavy after a game. The players really appreciated these treatments.

And what now that you’re back? Will OM be getting an LPG® device?

Yes, I think so. After seeing it in action at the World Cup, we’d like to use it at our facility. Now, we’llhave to train one or several of the club physiotherapists, so they can see that the technique works and learn how much it can help with treating players.

Denis Morcel, Christophe Geoffroy, together you are half of the physiotherapist team that monitored, supported, and treated the France national team during the World Cup. How did both of you wind up in this dream job?

Christophe Geoffroy: Since 1990, I’ve been working with athletes at every level, from trainees up through professionals. Over all these years, I’ve always wanted to provide athletes with more options.When the national team’s physiotherapist position opened up in 2012, I was offered the job. I really believe that in life, there’s no such thing as random chance, it’s all about the connections you make.

Denis Morcel: I worked with teams from Caen, Senegal, Morocco, and Japan before coming to work with France’s team. Each new opportunity arose thanks to the contacts I’ve made, recommendations, and word-of-mouth. This time, it was thanks to a team doctor who really looks at skills when building his team, and to Didier Deschamps who approves the human being. He wouldn’t tell us how to give a massage, but he might veto if the person would not fit in.


With LPG® ENDERMOLOGIE, your clients will enjoy the satisfying result every time.


The Technique

Cellu M6® technology is an integral part of your work, when did you first come across an LPG®device?

Denis Morcel: I’ve been using this technique for the last fifteen or twenty years. Why? Because itoffers such clear advantages compared to traditional techniques. Our office has had 3 or 4 machines over the years. The real revolution was the inclusion of the flap (Cellu M6 Alliance®), because it’s almost like a hand, except that it doesn’t compress the muscles as much. Yes, with the medical endermologie® technique, there’s much less compression than when you use your hands, it creates less strain on the body.

Cellu M6 Alliance® is already in use at Clairefontaine and travelled to Russia with the team. What role did the device play in your medical approach?

Christophe Geoffroy: We mostly used it for physical therapy, though we’re using it more and more for recovery, but that’s a recent development. During therapeutic treatments, we don’t give the player a choice, but for recovery treatments, they can choose whether they want us to use our hands or the technology. Some of them don’t like getting massaged, so it’s an alternative we can offer. At such ahigh level of competition, we used the machine practically every day and on almost all of the players.

Denis Morcel: They liked it once we explained it and when we decided it was necessary. This was the case for injuries that were too painful for manual treatment, for example, or when the player had large hematoma that need to be worked on at a distance, or a scar, fibrosis, etc. Once the players realized that the machine was helping them, the technology became an essential. component of the equipment necessary for a good physical therapy. Some of the players already knew the technique. Those from Olympique Lyonnais (Lyon football club), for example, because it is near the LPG® technology’s birthplace, but players from Monaco and from English clubs had already experienced it as well.

What kind of equipment would you recommend for a sports physiotherapist who wants to make an investment in their practice, but is daunted by the wide range of options?

Denis Morcel: First of all, their own hands, which need to be skillful enough to detect areas of tension, fibrosis, or edema. Sometimes, however there are hyperalgesic areas, or that have bled, or where the edema is too big that we can’t treat with our hands. The LPG® technique acts as an intermediary between the therapist’s hand and the athlete’s body, and we can work freely without constricting the tissue. If you want to work with athletes, Cellu M6® is one of the first investments you should make for your practice.

Of course, for recovery, cold baths have also been shown to be effective, along with pressotherapy, just like medical endermologie® which as a plus also allows for drainage. You have to decide whichapproach you’d like to use. The thing to remember is that your hands are what make the difference, guiding the machine to make the treatment effective. There are an infinite number of possible treatment plans: 100% mechanical, sometimes 70% manual treatment and 30% mechanical, or the other way around. Anything is possible, making the right therapeutic choices is just essential.

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To wrap up, what advice would you have for other physiotherapists who want to get licensed to work with famous athletes?

Christophe Geoffroy: I actually teach a course called “How to become a sports therapist.” The goal is to explain what you need to know and what mistakes to avoid. There are three basic things you need: passion for your work, skills, and above all human qualities. You need to get used to living in a large group, and have support from your friends and family, since work will take you far from them. I think the French team conveyed those values during the World Cup.

“We’d like to thank LPG®, which allowed us to offer more treatment options asmentioned above.”