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4 out of 5 women have cellulite problem, that doesn’t even spare those that are thin! It is an inflammation of the fatty tissue under our skin which initially comes about because of an alteration in the micro-circulation. Its causes can be genetic and constitution-related, hormonal and, of course, linked to lifestyle.

3 Stages of Cellulite

>> SWELLING: Edematous Cellulite – The initial stage in which water retention and general swelling play a dominant role. Microcirculation is affected, the skin tissue is under-oxygenated and the connective tissue increases. The collagen fibres tend to accumulate around the adipocytes, giving rise to the typical “orange peel” effect.

>> ACCUMULATION OF FAT: Adipose Cellulite – An anomalous activity of the fibroblasts, adipocytes and significantly altered microcirculation. This situation leads to the formation of hard tissue which are perceptible to the touch. the classic “mattress” appearance becomes more visible on the skin.

>> LACK OR LOSS OF TONE – With or without the cellulite and with age and poor lifestyle (excessive exposure to sun, smoking, yo-yo dieting), the fibroblasts gradually lose the ability to synthesize collagen and elastin: the skin’s elasticity is significantly lost so the skin becomes less compact.

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Why the same solution to fight against cellulite does not always work for everyone? The simple answer is we are not all the same!

There are four main morphotypes, AKA body types, that determines how our bodily characteristics are expressed with specific aesthetic and health-related problems. As a result, there is no one universal solution for achieving a toned, slim and healthy body. Recognizing our morphotype allows us to identify the most appropriate program for defeating women’s two greatest enemies: cellulite and loss of tone.

Understanding our body types helps us understand ourselves better and make the right health and beauty choices. Read the following descriptions and decide which one best describes you.


BODY SHAPE: small chest, sloping shoulders. ACCUMULATION: does not accumulate easily. Edematous cellulite on the knees. FAVOURITE FOODS: dairy products. YOUR MAIN PROBLEM: Edematous Cellulite. With age accompanied by a loss of tone. THE IDEAL DIET: Opt for a hyper-protein diet without dairy produce and sugars.


BODY SHAPE: thin legs and arms, large breasts. ACCUMULATION: abdomen and upper body. Adipose cellulite. FAVOURITE FOODS: savoury foods. YOUR MAIN PROBLEM: Adipose Cellulite. With age accompanied by a loss of tone. THE IDEAL DIET: Eat proteins in the morning and at lunch. Carbohydrates in the evening promote sleep at night.


BODY SHAPE: narrow waistline, wide hips and shoulders. ACCUMULATION: hips, belly, legs. Edematous cellulite. FAVOURITE FOODS: carbohydrates. YOUR MAIN PROBLEM: Edematous cellulite. With age accompanied by a loss of tone. THE IDEAL DIET: Perfect balancing of the 3 nutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins).


BODY SHAPE: narrow waistline, wide hips, narrow shoulders. ACCUMULATION: buttocks and legs. Edematous and adipose cellulite. FAVOURITE FOODS: sweet foods. YOUR MAIN PROBLEM: Edematous and adipose cellulite. With age accompanied by a loss of tone. THE IDEAL DIET: Fruits and vegetables during the day. Carbohydrates and proteins in the evening.


From science and nature, introducing [ comfort zone ] Professional Treatment, a complete, cutting-edge system that slims, remodels and firms.


Developed without silicones, parabens or mineral oils and with up to 98% of natural-origin ingredients. TARGETED CARRIER SYSTEMS allow the active ingredients to penetrate better.

Release stubborn fat and cellulite faster with LPG endermologie®. With the mechano-stimulation method, dense fat tissues and fibroblast are stimulated at the same time to encourage better release of the localized fat, the microcirculation and the lymphatic system are also mobilized for better exchanges in the cellular level.

These altogether helps the body to firm and tone faster and more effective.




PURE CAFFEINE UP TO 2% >>Helps redefine the silhouette, counteracting the accumulation of fat.

AESCIN >> Anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates microcirculation.

FUCUS>> Brown algae with remodeling, slimming and reducing properties.

MICROALGAE >> A single-cell algae whose heat-generating effect helps burn fats.

EXTRACT OF IVY >> Improves microcirculation and reduces the orange-peel appearance of skin, reducing swelling in the legs.

AHA + SILICA + JOJOBA SPHERES >> A chemical and mechanical effect to renew and exfoliate skin.

HYDROLISED EXTRACT OF GREEN WALNUT >> With effective antioxidant and protective properties.

ECOCERT ORGANIC TAMANU OIL >> Outstanding elasticizing and toning properties.

BOSWELLIC ACID >> Helps keep skin elastic.

SWEET ALMOND OIL >> Recognised for its soothing and nourishing properties.





1. LPG ENDERMOLOGIE TARGETED TREATMENT on the problem area to mobilise fluid and fat tissue and to prepare the skin to be fully-responsive to the next steps.

2. [ COMFORT ZONE ] PEELING opens the skin from within, favours the elimination of keratinized cells and the absorption of the functional substances contained in the products which follow.

3. [ COMFORT ZONE ] THERMO WRAP, a warm body mask with a pleasant texture for a balancing and gentle detoxifying action. OR, [ COMFORT ZONE ] PEEL-OFF MASK, A marine body mask composed of alginates, laminaria and poly- saccharides to treat cellulite imperfections. OR, [ COMFORT ZONE ] BAGNI DI PIZA MUD, innovative thermal massage mud with slimming and draining actions for the treatment of cellulite imperfections. *depending on your morphotype and slimming objective.

4. [ COMFORT ZONE ] MASSAGE CREAM / OIL, intensive cream with double thermogenic action (vasal and lipolytic) which fights the imperfections of localized and prevalently adipose cellulite, enhanced even more with [ comfort zone ] patented massage technique to help eliminate the orange-peel aspect faster.

5. [ COMFORT ZONE ] GEL, a nice comforting finishing touch of cool gel to prolong the drainage and to alleviate swelling and heaviness especially on the legs.


After the powerful slimming treatment with [ comfort zone ] professional product and patented massage steps, the orange-peel aspect on the treated area becomes less visible, totally gone in some cases, the skin looks more firm and radiant.

The most astounding part, however, is where we can see the immediate loss of waistline, around the legs, belly and buttocks in every case we have treated!


With [ comfort zone ] we are able to provide the immediate result for slimming treatment with the best quality of natural ingredients and a very pleasant and relaxing treatment experience for everyone.

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In 2003, LPG® launched the HUBER® product range. Originally, this purely therapeutic device not only supported physiotherapists in the treatment of back, balance and posture problems, but also trained athletes, helping them in their post-trauma rehabilitation. Today LPG® launches HUBER 360® FIIT.

Fully connected, it is conceived to get closer to the needs of women and men seeking to take care of themselves despite their hectic lifestyle. Directly inspired from HIIT, HUBER 360® FIIT is a state- of-the-art technology enabling to (re)shape the figure in a harmonious, risk-free and totally comprehensive way.

Thanks to its patented motorised platform, joint and muscular engagement is both intense and precise. Force sensors in the platform and handles enable to evaluate one’s cardio, force and coordination, core and physical condition at the beginning of a programme. At the end of each session they provide insightful quantitative results.

The dynamic posture corrector ensures the body is positioned correctly and the focus area targeted properly.

10-minute HIIT exercises are made accessible to anyone, without sacrificing safety to efficiency.

How Leesaw "Teeratep Winothai" felt after trying the HUBER 360® FIIT?

Leesaw is a Thai footballer playing as a Forward for a Thai League T1 club Chonburi, on loan from Bangkok United. He previously spent his youth career with England's Crystal Palace and Everton.

Well first of all, I felt very exhausted! It’s a very cool workout device. Sometimes we only think of exercise as running on a treadmill or cycling, which takes a lot of time to burn fat. With this device, it only takes minutes and you start burning fat immediately.

In the professional sport, when most athletes train, we focus almost entirely on the big muscles. That is where the majority of the training is. So it means that the smaller muscles might not be exercised enough for when you need it during the games.

With HUBER 360®, it helps train all these small muscles and improves their strength. Especially in Football, for example, you jump up for a tackle and come back down. If you want to immediately take another jump for the next play, with good balance, you can beat your opponent in milliseconds and you have better chance to win.

So, I think this device is definitely necessary for professional training. Professional clubs or sport associates should all have it to train and improve the performance of your athletes.

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Standing on the device, the challenge is to maintain the posture indicated while absorbing the platform’s movements. But the challenge does not end there. One must reach the on-screen targets to succeed. Halfway between a video game and a high-tech sport training,the entire body is put to the test, the sensations are strong and getting out of one’s comfort zone becomes routine.

Maximum Force is a theoretical indicator of one’s health. It is specific to each individual and measuring it enables to push one’s boundaries whilst being in the correct energy path.

The plus? The customised exercises that stimulate twice as much! Thanks to the dynamic touchscreen, senses are stimulated and the brain – the major energy consumer – uses a maximum of glucose.




Seven out of ten women and one in two men would like to lose weight*. What is their No. 1 reason? “To feel better”, according to 49.6% of survey responses. To achieve this goal, people often go on strict diets combined with high-intensity cardio training… They create the illusion of immediate results, without taking health and wellness into account.

The 2011 ESP Consulting study aimed to prove that reaching maximal lipid oxidation (Lipoxmax) state could be achieved in just 3 minutes on HUBER. The goal of the 2019 ESP Consulting study was to go further and to make the comparison with the most common cardio machine: the stationary bicycle (aka RPM)! Today, we know that to resculpt our figure intense physical effort – that greatly increases our heart rate – is necessary.

At LPG® it was impossible to go on seeing people putting their health at risk in their pursuit of well-being or encourage the illusion that they were doing the right thing.


HUBER 360® FIIT technology can now prove that you don’t need to raise your heart rate or suffer physical pain to practice HIIT. The winning combination of Lipoxmax intensity and Maximum Force on HUBER 360® FIIT means that your body continues consuming 35% more fat after 30 minutes of rest after exercise and burns 13% more calories as of 5 minutes when compared with a stationary bicycle!


“High-Intensity Interval Training”, or HIIT, has become the slimming programme reference. It has a huge range of benefits for the body: it saves time, tones the figure, boosts the metabolism and improves cardiovascular health.

As well as being popular among celebrities, personal trainers are emphasising the benefits of fragmented activity in sculpting the figure and staying in shape, while burning as many calories as possible.

Why is it so popular? Because the exercise is so effective, and burns so many calories.

Right, but HIIT needs specific supervision and there is no pre- established programme that suits everyone. People are now searching the internet, doing their own exercises, watching YouTube channels, and going in for the Top Body Challenge or the Bikini Body Guide.



HUBER 360® FIIT makes healthy sport available to everyone, and brings HIIT to people of all fitness levels through adapted, supervised, measured and FAST exercise programmes.

Julie Dumoulin, Yoga teacher and creator of the HappynGood app is the new face of the HUBER 360® FIIT campaign.

What I liked about using HUBER® is how gentle the exercises were, despite being incredibly effective. I felt my whole body moving, even after I got off the moving platform. You really feel like you’ve been working your core muscles. I got on board with the concept immediately, and I loved this experience! There’s also a “Stretching” programme, which I find essential after a HIIT session.

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Stars Of International Wellness And Spa Industry


Stars Of International Wellness And Spa Industry To Meet In Luxury JW Marriott Resort For World Spa And Wellness Asia Convention Phuket 2018

Bangkok, 19 April 2018 – The ‘who’s who’ of the international wellness and spa scene are getting ready for a spectacular industry networking event at the World Spa and Wellness Asia (WSWA) Convention 2018, to be held at the luxury JW Marriott Resort and Spa in Phuket, Thailand, from 20 to 22 May 2018.

Bringing together industry leaders, influencers and leading industry suppliers, this premium event is the perfect opportunity for trend spotting, inspiration, networking and learning, as well as for checking out the latest developments in the wellness and beauty industries, sampling new products and developing related skills.

The Platinum sponsor of the event is LPG®, the world leader in cellular stimulation technology for health, beauty and well-being, and the LPG Asia Convention 2018 will be co-located with WSWA 2018. The convention kicks of the 3-day event with an exquisite gala dinner exclusively for the LPG VIPs followed by  an all-day LPG Professional Workshop with product demonstrations and free sessions with LPG specialists.


Register now for WSWA and find out if you can become a hosted LPG buyer.

WSWA 2018 is only open to professionals in the spa, clinic and wellness industry in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, and those who are looking to expand their business and knowledge base in this field.

“We are very excited to be showcasing the amazing benefits of LPG technology at WSWA 2018,” said Kevin Maes, Managing Director, Welify. “LPG is a true leader in the health, wellness and spa industry. The company has been innovating cellular stimulation technology for the last 30 years, with its equipment in 75,000 centers in 110 countries around the world treating more than 300,000 women every day. At WSWA 2018, our VIP guests and wellness and spa professionals can discover the latest LPG chapter: spa-dedicated treatment programs of the Cellu M6 Alliance®, and how they can accelerate their businesses and increase their revenues by incorporating LPG systems into their establishments.”

Convention keynote speakers consist of international hospitality and wellness industry leaders and professionals, clinic and spa owners and influencers such as Mr Krod Rajanastien, President of the Thai Spa Association and Director at Chiva-Som Spa; Mr Andrew Gibson, Vice-President, Well Being, Luxury Brands at Accor Hotels and Ms Sarah Gieghase, Director of Sales and Education at Welify.

For more information, please visit:

Davines and Comfort Zone – the first skincare B Corps brands!


Parma, 1 December 2016 – Davines S.p.A., Italian group dedicated to the professional cosmetic industry with headquarters in Parma, has announced today to have obtained the B Corporation certification, becoming part of the global network of companies that have redefined their business to make it a source of positive impact for the people and the planet.

The company, founded in 1983 by the Bollati family, is today an international business dedicated to the professional haircare industry with the Davines brand, and to the skincare industry with the Comfort Zone brand.   In addition to the headquarters in Parma, it has branches in London, Paris, New York, Mexico City, Hong Kong and Deventer (Holland) and its distribution reaches more than 90 countries. Both brands are specialised in the creation of high quality products manufactured with an artisan spirit and developed scientifically through cutting-edge cosmetic technologies, and where sustainability and care for people are key values for their business.

Since the year 2000 the Italian company has been aiming to combine the success of its business with a positive impact not only on the environment, but also on the community of stakeholders with whom it has relations made up of employees, suppliers and customers.  This vocation for sustainability is rooted in the company’s history, it has shaped its identity and its daily activity through a systemic approach. Over the years, this vision has been implemented through projects that guide the Group in the creation of products and services. Since 2015 the Company’s Sustainability Report is an annual report that describes all the sustainable activities carried out, the results achieved during the year and the goals set by the Company for the following year.

The willingness of the Davines Group to become a B Corp is consistent with the company’s effort to pursue with method, objectiveness and consistency a business model focused on a “prosperous longevity” where the values expressed by it gradually come to life. “We were relieved to find out that there is a movement of companies that draws inspiration from the same principles we believe in. This makes us optimistic on the possibility that business becomes a tool beneficial for the wellbeing of the society and not the other way round.” – Paolo Braguzzi, CEO of the Davines S.p.A. Group.

With this certification the Davines Group joins the group of so-called B Corps, whose purpose, in addition to profit, is maximizing their positive impact by providing innovative solutions to environmental and social issues whilst respecting the highest standards of performance, transparency and accountability. The Italian companies that are interested in joining the B Corp movement are assessed by the B Lab certifying body that is in charge of measuring the company’s degree of social and environmental performance in five areas: governance, people, community, environment and customers. Reaching the score requested for certification, ranging from 80 to a maximum of 200, normally requires deep structural changes, even for companies like the Davines Group that have already been investing in sustainable development for years.

With a score of 99, the entire Group, including its branches, ends 2016 with the achievement of this certification thanks to the positive results in the following areas:

  • sustainable life cycle assessment (SLCA) based on their environmental and social impact,
  • reduction of materials regarding the primary, secondary and tertiary packaging with a progressive decrease of its environmental impact and a more responsible product design,
  • reduction of waste with a resulting increase of the share of recycled materials,
  • involvement of all suppliers in the certification process and great attention to the wellbeing of company staff.

This goal is for Davines and Comfort Zone a starting point for a long and steep journey where a lot has already been done, yet the second part of the journey still has to be covered. The certification arrives at the time of another important confirmation for the Group, i.e. a turnover in excess of 100 million euro, which is further evidence of the growth trend that has characterised the company for more than twenty years.

I believe that wanting to make the best of all possible worlds means putting oneself in the fame without reservations. For this reason I’m happy for the B Corp certification, a confirmation of the commitment and our will to continue on the path of sustainability. It’s really a beautiful moment for Davines and our community. – Davide Bollati, Davines Group President –

The truth is hard to accept, but ignorance even harder! #FightForNaturalBeauty


Tell me, what is not to love about the new campaign video from LPG expressing their ongoing 30 year long fight for natural beauty? Even though my opinion here is a bit biased, I would never committed myself to become the ASEAN representative for LPG if I would not share the same values and believes, fighting for the same cause.

Too often am I confronted with doctors (not all) and their empty claims on willing to do good for their patients and clients. But if you look to what they offer as services you will find “menus” full of botox, fillers, lasers and more of the quick and short term solutions, which is exactly the opposite of that.


Discover the 5 ways on how clinics all over the world are stepping into the lucrative wellness industry.

The new LPG campaign is a true slap in the face for the “know it alls”. Try to argue with a dermatologist about the long term impact these invasive techniques can have for the patient. They would laugh it away, knowing very well inside that injecting chemicals under the skin, freezing fat cells away or burning the skin on a weekly basis is nefast for your long term health. On top of that it goes against everything they were taught during their extended educations.

I understand, where there is a market demand to be filled there is money to be made. But I think it’s time that the medical aesthetic industry takes an example to all the upcoming B-Corporations that prove that changing how companies think about how to use resources, doing good for the world while still making profits is a practice that can easily be replicated in our industry. Just start by offering an alternative, educate your patients and let them decide! Make a difference for your patients by providing them a sustainable AND effective long term beauty solution.

Enjoy the new campaign, if you get it, you will love it!

Discover the 5 ways on how clinics all over the world are stepping into the lucrative wellness industry.