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Huber Evolution launched at WSWA 2019 – a game-changing wellness technology!


Huber Evolution launched at WSWA2019– a game-changing wellness technology! promising gentle, natural and effective solutions for better health at every stage of life! For the second straight year, LPG took the lead role as Platinum Sponsor at the World Spa and Wellness Asia Convention (WSWA). Held in Phuket, Thailand, WSWA hosted over 300 VIP guests from Asia-Pacific. And like last year when LPG announced the launch of the Alliance Cellu M6, there was more big news at this year’s edition. With the unveiling of the Huber Evolution FIIT, LPG has introduced a game-changing technology that will redefine how we deal with physical and mental health.

The event kick-off and launch party was held at a private beachside cove on the Andaman Sea at the spectacular Le Meridien Phuket. Over 300 revelers, all dressed in white, witnessed the unveiling of the Huber Evolution FIIT for the first time in Asia. This state of the art technology has been designed to disrupt traditional fitness and training methods. And just like the Alliance Cellu M6, the Huber range addresses medical, wellness and fitness segments through a wide range of treatment offerings.

The LPG story began three decades ago, with its founder and visionary Louis-Paul Guitay, who saw wellness and beauty as a journey only achieved through natural internal processes.  Through unbridled ambition, an innovative and evolving product line – which has remained true to founder’s vision, as well as a partner-network now spanning 110 countries, LPG leads the world in natural beauty solutions.

LPG’s presence in Thailand has experienced significant growth in the last three years. The driving force behind that growth is Thailand’s exclusive LPG distributor, Welify. “Redefining Wellness”, Welify’s moto, is perfectly aligned with the LPG vision. The company’s Managing Director, Kevin Maes, is committed to growing LPG through the introduction of the Huber Evolution in Southeast Asia’s largest wellness market:

“For many years, Welify has been battling the quick-fix mentality that permeates the healthcare sector in Asia.  The reality is that most prevalent treatments only offer short-term and surface level solutions,” said Maes.  “What’s truly important is working on the inner-self, identifying the body’s weaknesses and addressing them on a daily basis. If our clients can improve fitness and core muscles each day through small increments, they are well on the way to discover a healthy and fit body. And that’s exactly what the Huber Evolution delivers,” he added.

Currently more than 300,000 people worldwide benefit from LPG’s patented technologies. To experience an array of LPG treatments please visit the Welify service center. If your hospital, clinic, spa or wellness centre is interested in featuring LPG please register here to attend Welify’s exclusive VVIP event at the St. Regis Hotel Bangkok on 27 June 2019.




Come and join the industry’s top decision makers and media. Immerse yourself in the LPG®World, experience our technologies and discover what they can bring toThailand’s wellness industry.

“A Tree of You” by Comfort Zone, A True Wellness Pioneer


Wellness Pioneer Comfort Zone and its mother company Davines is highlighting its status of being a true B Corp company once more, with their new initiative “A Tree of You”. A Tree of You is a game (a virtual reality platform?) where unique virtual trees, are generated according to the letters of your name or to the message you choose.

Visitors to the website are going to create a virtual forestComfort Zone decided to put this initiative into effect, planting 500 real-life trees that were originally created by our community.

A virtual world populated with trees created by our community all over the world: explore the forest of “A Tree of You”! Create and personalize your own tree, download it in high resolution, and help us as we plant real ones!

Davines’ goal with A Tree Of You is to further extend company efforts in supporting nature and biodiversity.

Take part in supporting the creation of global forests: watch the clip and follow these steps:

  1. Choose from 5 different trees.
  2. Create your unique tree by writing either your name/surname, a nickname or special message
  3. The virtual tree will start to grow, decorated with leaves, flowers and animals.
  4. Then save your virtual tree, share it on social media and see where it is located on the map, along with all of the other users’ trees.

Your virtual tree is waiting and thanks to you, a real one will be planted soon!


Discover the 5 ways on how clinics all over the world are stepping into the lucrative wellness industry.

Detoxifying the Urban Lifestyle, A True Wellness Move


Our mission at Welify is to “Redefine Wellness”. Changing the mindset of an industry only happens by working with the best that on their turn are true Wellness Leaders. And you are not going to become a true Wellness Leader without a significant focus on consumer’s wellbeing, overall health and longevity. What follows in this article is a case study from a unique concept called “Urban Detox” that incorporated the LPG lymphatic drainage programs to their very ownFight For Natural Beauty“.

Wellness Client: Niche Natural Healthcare, Urban Detox Cafe

What we really love about this project: Niche Natural Healthcare is the first naturopathic healthcare centre in Asia. Under the guidance of Dr. Nichamon Samantarat, Niche Natural Health Clinic is initiating a brand-new way to tackle all the negative influences the urban lifestyle has on our health.

How LPG is helping to spread the love: The Urban Detox program exist out of 4 treatment programs where LPG is taking care of the lymphatic drainage. LPG is the only device in the world that offers lymphatic drainage treatments and at Niche Natural Health Clinic they know exactly how to use it!

The whole story: Niche Natural Health Clinic has adopted LPG endermologie® and made it part of their unique Urban Detox program. This program is developed by Dr. Nichamon Samantarat and Dr. Somboon Roongphornchai, designed as the first all-natural solution countering our toxic hectic lifestyles here in Bangkok. Together with Niche Natural Health Clinic we are launching several initiatives promoting the Urban Detox program and sending out Dr. Nicha’s catchy message that “you’re not fat, you’re toxic”. The Urban Detox program is the perfect, all-natural solution to the clean and healthy lifestyle all patients and consumers deserve.

Invented by Dr. Nichamon Samantarat herself, the first US-trained & licensed naturopathic doctor in Thailand and Dr. Somboon Roongphornchai, the leading anti-aging & sports medicine physician, the program focuses on 4 essential areas of the body which are our cellular, lymphatic, internal (metabolic) and gut systems. LPG endermologie® is put to work as the key player to take care of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps eliminate our body’s waste. A healthy, active lymphatic system uses the natural movements of smooth muscle tissue to do this. There is no device in the world that can achieve this goal beyond manual massage which has it’s limitations.

We use LPG Endermologie® because it is all natural, nonaggressive and noninvasive, which is completely cooperative with the naturopathic way of detoxifying your body.

– Dr. Nichamon Samantarat –

Our Conclusion: Being part of the Urban Detox project is definitely one of our favorite LPG projects in Thailand. Long term wellness and health can only be achieved by changing people’s lifestyle, making them realise that we need to make time in our lives for our bodies to recover from our hectic toxic lifestyle. With the “Fight For Natural Beauty” by LPG and the “You’re not fat, you’re toxic” slogan from Urban Detox we probably have the best solution available to date.

What did we do so far: The Urban Detox is a beautiful program all by itself. So together with Niche Natural Healthcare, we supported by putting the story into a video, showing how the Urban Detox program is a smart and effective way to clean your body. Check out the video here.

On 17th June, an exclusive launch event was held at Niche Natural Healthcare Complex where our LPG experts joined to demonstrate LPG endermologie® and to share the knowledge behind it. Check how that turned out.

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These are just a couple of first steps of a long and exciting journey where LPG will be a true supporter of the Urban Detox program. Stay tuned!

If you think you’re not fat, but toxic as well, visit Niche Natural Health Clinic at following details.

Floor 9, 12A-14 MedAsia Healthcare Complex, Sukhumvit 5, Bangkok, Thailand

Or book direct at the Urban Detox Cafe & Wellness website.


Discover the 5 ways on how clinics all over the world are stepping into the lucrative wellness industry.

Stars Of International Wellness And Spa Industry


Stars Of International Wellness And Spa Industry To Meet In Luxury JW Marriott Resort For World Spa And Wellness Asia Convention Phuket 2018

Bangkok, 19 April 2018 – The ‘who’s who’ of the international wellness and spa scene are getting ready for a spectacular industry networking event at the World Spa and Wellness Asia (WSWA) Convention 2018, to be held at the luxury JW Marriott Resort and Spa in Phuket, Thailand, from 20 to 22 May 2018.

Bringing together industry leaders, influencers and leading industry suppliers, this premium event is the perfect opportunity for trend spotting, inspiration, networking and learning, as well as for checking out the latest developments in the wellness and beauty industries, sampling new products and developing related skills.

The Platinum sponsor of the event is LPG®, the world leader in cellular stimulation technology for health, beauty and well-being, and the LPG Asia Convention 2018 will be co-located with WSWA 2018. The convention kicks of the 3-day event with an exquisite gala dinner exclusively for the LPG VIPs followed by  an all-day LPG Professional Workshop with product demonstrations and free sessions with LPG specialists.


Register now for WSWA and find out if you can become a hosted LPG buyer.

WSWA 2018 is only open to professionals in the spa, clinic and wellness industry in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, and those who are looking to expand their business and knowledge base in this field.

“We are very excited to be showcasing the amazing benefits of LPG technology at WSWA 2018,” said Kevin Maes, Managing Director, Welify. “LPG is a true leader in the health, wellness and spa industry. The company has been innovating cellular stimulation technology for the last 30 years, with its equipment in 75,000 centers in 110 countries around the world treating more than 300,000 women every day. At WSWA 2018, our VIP guests and wellness and spa professionals can discover the latest LPG chapter: spa-dedicated treatment programs of the Cellu M6 Alliance®, and how they can accelerate their businesses and increase their revenues by incorporating LPG systems into their establishments.”

Convention keynote speakers consist of international hospitality and wellness industry leaders and professionals, clinic and spa owners and influencers such as Mr Krod Rajanastien, President of the Thai Spa Association and Director at Chiva-Som Spa; Mr Andrew Gibson, Vice-President, Well Being, Luxury Brands at Accor Hotels and Ms Sarah Gieghase, Director of Sales and Education at Welify.

For more information, please visit:

Jérôme Bottois the endermologie expert from LPG France visited Bangkok!

Before heading into the New Year, LPG Thailand welcomed Jérôme Bottois to the Welify office. Jérôme is one of the leading trainers from LPG. He travels around the world training doctors, therapists and business owners on how to get the most out of the endermologie techniques. Jérôme has a Master’s Degree in Health Care Management and worked as a physical therapist in rehabilitation centres (orthopedic, traumatology, neurology, multi-disabled) for 13 years. He is now leading 2 global endermologie training centers and managing 13 LPG trainers. We asked him some questions…

Let’s get started…

Jérôme, can you say something more about LPG?

LPG is a French company, created 31 years ago by Louis Paul Guattay. So that’s why we have the name LPG. All our techniques are based on the natural stimulation of the potential within the human body. And our objective is for people to live longer lives with better health.

Why should a clinic owner invest in endermologie and LPG?

LPG techniques are natural, safe, and non-invasive – they activate natural processes in the body.

For example, to achieve flawless looking skin, we use specific techniques designed to help the body’s fibroblast to wake up and produce more collagen, elastin fibers, and hyaluronic acid. There are no injections in the LPG treatment protocols.

Another example is in slimming fatty areas. In these cases the therapist will focus on activating the adipocyte, causing the release of fat and volume, which results in the observed slimming effect.

So in beauty applications we are fighting tissue symptoms like loose skin or fatty areas on the face and body, or excess cellulite in parts of the body.

In medical applications we are focusing on tissue symptoms such as inflammation, pain, muscle tension, fibroses, and edema. We can fight these 5 different symptoms each in a natural way with LPG.


Discover the 5 ways on how clinics all over the world are stepping into the lucrative wellness industry.

Why should people go for a natural method instead of a more invasive way?

At this time people are coming to understand how important it is to use the human body’s own natural potential. This is reflected in the desire of people to adopt a more natural way of eating and exercising. In a way we can think of LPG as being like gymnastics for your skin: just as you do exercise for your body, you also need exercise for your skin. Take fibroblast for example: after we turn 20 and we begin to age the tissue becomes “lazy”. So you need to stimulate the fibroblast to wake it up and get it producing collagen, elastin fibers, hyaluronic acid again to bring back the skin’s youthful quality and to maintain it.

The fact that LPG techniques are natural means that it can also be combined with any other technique. That’s a huge advantage for clinic owners because it offers a chance to up-sell existing customers.

And what exactly are the techniques that LPG can be combined with?

Well for example LPG can be combined with injections such as Botox, or with many types of surgery, including lifting procedures.

The benefit of using LPG theraphies as a supplementary treatment for a patient undergoing Botox is that LPG increases skin perfusion and stimulates the skin that ley over muscles paralyzed by the Botox. It is a very good combination.

Can you tell us a bit more about the upcoming LPG VIP event in Phuket?

The event in Phuket is a big event for LPG and our family of LPG distributors, because distributors are going to be able to bring their key clients. The objective is to introduce distributor key-accounts to the latest LPG techniques. Of course there will be many demo sessions, but there will also be presentations explaining technical concepts and reviewing the medical proof that underpins the LPG system. These session will be conducted by cosire which is the medical committee inside LPG.

There will be doctors explaining the effects of the LPG techniques that they have observed in practice and sharing some case examples covering LPG and adipocytes fibroblast, and surgery.

So this event in Phuket will be very interesting for all the LPG stakeholders.

Thanks a lot Jeroom! Goodbye for now and don’t forget…



Discover the 5 ways on how clinics all over the world are stepping into the lucrative wellness industry.

Slim Concept just launched the latest technology from France!


On Wednesday 30 August 2017, both floors of the beauty zone in Central Ladphrao were showered in silence. There was a very good reason for that, because one place was creating all the excitement and the noise being at the center of all the attention. Slim Concept and Mirza Clinic organised one of their well-known activity days full of great new product launches and VVIP member promotions for all their precious VVIP clients.

All day long the invited guests were warmly welcomed by the entire Slim Concept team led by owners Mirza and Alex. Over 100 clients came to spend a couple hours at the center. The center piece of the day was the launch of endermologie®, a technique from France that uses mechanical stimulation of the cells to reactivate their awakening naturally and painlessly. In contrast to a lot of the techniques available on the market, LPG® endermologie offers a 100% natural alternative to fight all unaesthetic manifestations like wrinkles, sagging skin, localised resistant fat, cellulite appearance, and more.

Miss Sarah Gieghase the Sales Director of LPG Thailand was at the event to personally demonstrate the device to all visitors. Listen to what she has to say about the event.

I often do events and they are all wonderful and joyful to be with. At Slim concept I noticed a different approach that was absolutely amazing. I have never seen so many talented people taking care and serving the clients well. The amount of energy makes you crave for more and all in the most professional way. They know what they are doing and if you would like visit this place I promise, you will not regret it! – Sarah Gieghase –

Celebrity Boy Pakorn as the special guest at Slim Concept.

And if you think that after a day full of activities the fun was over, you are wrong. Thailand’s leading male celebrity Boy Pakorn made an appearance to support his very good friends from Slim Concept. He treated the guests on a short surprise concert before presenting more on what Slim Concept and Mirza Clinic really stands for. Afterwards also he got a demonstration on the latest endermologie® techniques and it’s amazing benefits.

If you would like to try out the only 100% natural solution to fight many of the anti-ageing and aesthetic issues in a soothing and painless way, I would strongly advice you to book a session or a package at Slim Concept in Central Ladphrao. You will not regret it!

Are you a clinic or spa owner and looking become an LPG center yourself? Contact LPG by clicking on the following link and start making money! 

Davines and Comfort Zone – the first skincare B Corps brands!


Parma, 1 December 2016 – Davines S.p.A., Italian group dedicated to the professional cosmetic industry with headquarters in Parma, has announced today to have obtained the B Corporation certification, becoming part of the global network of companies that have redefined their business to make it a source of positive impact for the people and the planet.

The company, founded in 1983 by the Bollati family, is today an international business dedicated to the professional haircare industry with the Davines brand, and to the skincare industry with the Comfort Zone brand.   In addition to the headquarters in Parma, it has branches in London, Paris, New York, Mexico City, Hong Kong and Deventer (Holland) and its distribution reaches more than 90 countries. Both brands are specialised in the creation of high quality products manufactured with an artisan spirit and developed scientifically through cutting-edge cosmetic technologies, and where sustainability and care for people are key values for their business.

Since the year 2000 the Italian company has been aiming to combine the success of its business with a positive impact not only on the environment, but also on the community of stakeholders with whom it has relations made up of employees, suppliers and customers.  This vocation for sustainability is rooted in the company’s history, it has shaped its identity and its daily activity through a systemic approach. Over the years, this vision has been implemented through projects that guide the Group in the creation of products and services. Since 2015 the Company’s Sustainability Report is an annual report that describes all the sustainable activities carried out, the results achieved during the year and the goals set by the Company for the following year.

The willingness of the Davines Group to become a B Corp is consistent with the company’s effort to pursue with method, objectiveness and consistency a business model focused on a “prosperous longevity” where the values expressed by it gradually come to life. “We were relieved to find out that there is a movement of companies that draws inspiration from the same principles we believe in. This makes us optimistic on the possibility that business becomes a tool beneficial for the wellbeing of the society and not the other way round.” – Paolo Braguzzi, CEO of the Davines S.p.A. Group.

With this certification the Davines Group joins the group of so-called B Corps, whose purpose, in addition to profit, is maximizing their positive impact by providing innovative solutions to environmental and social issues whilst respecting the highest standards of performance, transparency and accountability. The Italian companies that are interested in joining the B Corp movement are assessed by the B Lab certifying body that is in charge of measuring the company’s degree of social and environmental performance in five areas: governance, people, community, environment and customers. Reaching the score requested for certification, ranging from 80 to a maximum of 200, normally requires deep structural changes, even for companies like the Davines Group that have already been investing in sustainable development for years.

With a score of 99, the entire Group, including its branches, ends 2016 with the achievement of this certification thanks to the positive results in the following areas:

  • sustainable life cycle assessment (SLCA) based on their environmental and social impact,
  • reduction of materials regarding the primary, secondary and tertiary packaging with a progressive decrease of its environmental impact and a more responsible product design,
  • reduction of waste with a resulting increase of the share of recycled materials,
  • involvement of all suppliers in the certification process and great attention to the wellbeing of company staff.

This goal is for Davines and Comfort Zone a starting point for a long and steep journey where a lot has already been done, yet the second part of the journey still has to be covered. The certification arrives at the time of another important confirmation for the Group, i.e. a turnover in excess of 100 million euro, which is further evidence of the growth trend that has characterised the company for more than twenty years.

I believe that wanting to make the best of all possible worlds means putting oneself in the fame without reservations. For this reason I’m happy for the B Corp certification, a confirmation of the commitment and our will to continue on the path of sustainability. It’s really a beautiful moment for Davines and our community. – Davide Bollati, Davines Group President –

The truth is hard to accept, but ignorance even harder! #FightForNaturalBeauty

Tell me, what is not to love about the new campaign video from LPG expressing their ongoing 30 year long fight for natural beauty? Even though my opinion here is a bit biased, I would never committed myself to become the ASEAN representative for LPG if I would not share the same values and believes, fighting for the same cause.

Too often am I confronted with doctors (not all) and their empty claims on willing to do good for their patients and clients. But if you look to what they offer as services you will find “menus” full of botox, fillers, lasers and more of the quick and short term solutions, which is exactly the opposite of that.


Discover the 5 ways on how clinics all over the world are stepping into the lucrative wellness industry.

The new LPG campaign is a true slap in the face for the “know it alls”. Try to argue with a dermatologist about the long term impact these invasive techniques can have for the patient. They would laugh it away, knowing very well inside that injecting chemicals under the skin, freezing fat cells away or burning the skin on a weekly basis is nefast for your long term health. On top of that it goes against everything they were taught during their extended educations.

I understand, where there is a market demand to be filled there is money to be made. But I think it’s time that the medical aesthetic industry takes an example to all the upcoming B-Corporations that prove that changing how companies think about how to use resources, doing good for the world while still making profits is a practice that can easily be replicated in our industry. Just start by offering an alternative, educate your patients and let them decide! Make a difference for your patients by providing them a sustainable AND effective long term beauty solution.

Enjoy the new campaign, if you get it, you will love it!

Discover the 5 ways on how clinics all over the world are stepping into the lucrative wellness industry.