“It’s a Miracle!”: A Patient’s Journey Finding Relief for Scars, Edema and Fibroses


Mission Statement

Our mission to “Redefine Wellness” is ongoing, not only in the spa and beauty space but also in the medical field. Not many people know this, the birth of endermologie® sprung from the medical journey of Louis Paul Guitey in search of the perfect cure for his post-injury symptoms such as scars and malformation of the tissues. In this article, you will learn how this original concept stays immortal along with the quest of providing people with the wellbeing they truly deserve.

Patient: Ms. Areerat Sirikururat

What we really love about this case: It’s been proven again that LPG® can help where other devices and techniques are shortcoming. This is a touching story from a patient whom LPG® Medical provides treatment for scars, edema and fibroses. The aftermath from an injury caused by an accident. LPG® improved this patient’s life and provided back hope when she was willing to give up.

How LPG is helping to spread the love: With LPG®’s Cellu M6 technology and its built-in protocols, we were able to provide a solution to improve the patient’s symptoms after a severe accident. Not only were we able to treat the visible scars and fibroses, but more importantly we were able to dissolve the hard tissue that formed in her upper lip causing numbness and swelling resulting in difficulties in her daily routine such as eating, drinking, and brushing her teeth. LPG® appeared to be the only cure after several recommendations by her doctor, such as laser treatments and massage, giving her visible and constant improvement on the swollen scars, the hard tissue and the numbness.


With LPG® ENDERMOLOGIE, your clients will enjoy the satisfying result every time.


The Whole Story

Ms. Areerat Sirikururat suffered from severe injuries caused by an accident in which she fell and hit her face on the floor hurting her lips. This unfortunate event left her with severe wounds inside and outside of her upper lip together with the loss of many teeth. After the wounds healed and her teeth remodeled, she was left with the scars, edema and fibroses that caused malformation and numbness in her upper lip, resulting in difficulties like not being able to eat, drink and brush her teeth properly.text here...

The Conclusion

The conditions didn’t improve after several sessions of laser treatments, manual massage and skincare products to treat scars. LPG® was recommended to her by her treating doctor as one of the last resorts. During the first month of LPG® treatments, 8 sessions to be precise, the swelling and hardened tissues became softer and smaller in size and the scar became smoother. But most importantly, the numbness in her upper lip miraculously began to fade after the first few LPG® sessions. With the numbness lessened, now she can eat, drink and brush her teeth with ease again, and her abnormal appearance in the lips is not noticed by her friends and family anymore.

I think, this is a miracle. And I still think that it can improve even more because every time after each session it keeps gettings a little bit better. So, that’s why now I have hope again.

– Ms. Areerat Sirikururat –

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After each session of LPG® she feels a little bit better. She has high hopes that her condition can improve even more if she continues with LPG®, and that the numbness will eventually totally disappear. With her heart full of hope getting her life back, she understands and truly believes that LPG® and its medical program can be of great help for anybody who suffers injuries like herself and are hoping for a cure that really give results.

We definitely agree with Ms. Areerat that LPG® really has a unique place in any doctor practice providing a medical alternative for patients that have no other option anymore to treat scars, fibroses and edema in a natural and non-invasive way., That’s exactly the area LPG® is well known for. Ms. Areerat’s case is yet another proof of the vision Louis Paul Guitey started implementing 30 years ago. The founder and the brain behind this wonderful technology offers doctors an all-natural solution to help improving their patient’s lives.